If you’re in the EU, you could be censored from free speech (like this post)

New laws have been passed in the EU to allow European Society Service Providers to start censoring people who use copyrighted work, unless they go through a TurnItIn like system.

Article 13 creates an obligation on information society service providers storing and giving access to large amounts of works and other subject-matter uploaded by their users to take appropriate and proportionate measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders and to prevent the availability on their services of content identified by rightholders in cooperation with the service providers”


This will remove safe harbors for those huge music and record labels (Sony, Universal Music, EMI etc), Independent body Impala was the first to break the news. describing it as a 

great result for creators


Boss Halen Smith published an opinion piece earlier this week, defending the legislation. 

“Nobody in our community is suggesting ‘tearing down the internet.’ What we are asking lawmakers to do is to make sure that it works for everyone,” 

According to Music Alley, Google provided them a statement stating the following

 “People want access to quality news and creative content online,”

Statement from Google to Music Ally, 2018

 Said a spokesperson.

 “We’ve always said that more innovation and collaboration are the best way to achieve a sustainable future for the European news and creative sectors, and we’re committed to continued close partnership with these industries.”

Statement from Google to Music Ally, 2018

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