Android Cleaning Apps, do you really need them?

There are many Android Cleaning apps that claim to “recover speed and functionality” or “clean up and optimise your device”

But the question is, Do you really need it?
Android 5.1 and later have a much better way of doing data garbage disposal when your phone or device is either locked or on charge.

There are many apps, like Clean Master who have released their own launcher, promoting their product thats baked into the launcher, yes, that means when you download the launcher, you are also bundling Clean Master along with it.

When you use the launcher for the first time, it will request a load of privileges. These privileges often request access to photos, messages, app data, and more. Despite those privileges needs, they intend to erase duplicate images, any duplicate music, any duplicate videos, any junk to app data, even may help you disable a service or two for you to ensure faster speed.

Despite such advantages, there are some privacy concerns to be along with Clean Master. Even though it can access even to the root of your SD card or Internal Memory to see all forms of app data on there, a professor has confirmed that Clean Master is among some of the apps under the company “Cheetah,” according to a Carnegie Mellon professor which was published on both Vocativ and Gizmodo.

Plus, some apps like Clean Master use up your bandwith and also contains a load of advertisements. They can slow the device down, or even the network itself. In fact, some “Top” websites actually recommend uninstalling Clean Master to avoid the network and device issues.

However, you should also note that some cleaning tools may also not be recommended as they could touch the deepest part of your Android device, which could cause damage to the OS itself and essentially requiring the rebuilding of its OS database. Though that occurs rarely, some devices have been reported to have a damaged OS as a result of a cleaning tool. Clean Master is not one of those, thankfully.

The one thing that should concern the public is the fact it may ask for a lot of access that it could seem like it is willing to look at personal data. While cleaning apps may be designed to clean, not all are fully secure, or fully “being a cleaner.” With this fact in mind, you shouldn’t really use a cleaning tool if you are an experienced user with Android. Though if you are inexperienced, or want a quick clean, then you could use a cleaning tool. With the privacy concerns in the air, Clean Master may not be the most recommended to use. Find some alternatives online supported by the public.

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