What the Heck is WordFence doing?!?!?!?!

Tried to login to the WordPress dashboard for this website and all that I get is a “login blocked” message stating that my password was used in an attacking thing on the internet, Im sorry WordFence but if you’re gonna block the admin from accessing his own website, you can go fuck over someone else’s website with your “security” as what you’re doing is preventing the admin from accessing their own blog. Trying to access my blog with the warnings that show up “Your login was blocked due to XYZ” is not a valid warning for the users to see. This is how you loose traffic and end up going down in the Alexa Ranks.

WordFence, you are banned from TechPress until the foreseeable future, you’re not very good with security anyway, you need to stop, take a second, think about your “customers” (cough sheeple cough) and the rankings they’re at. Akismet and Jetpack do a much better job at keeping invaders at bay. Jetpack does many more things for free. WordFence is like McAfee or Norton for WordPress, it just sits there and finds nothing, then it spams you and demands your money.

Go to hell WordFence, stop demanding me money to “keep my website safe from attackers” when all you do is go through a MD5 Hash list like a script kiddie’s Visual Studio made Anti-Virus, it detects nothing and just uses an MD5 hash List. and you call this “cloud scanning”.

Bullshit I tell you. Fucking bullshit.


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