Discord Bots… My opinion.

Discord, the Number 1 chatting and DM app for gamers, is awesome.

However, there are these things called Bots. Discord calls them “AI Helpers”

I think that Discord Bots are just a huge waste of time, not only are they hard to create using Python, but you gotta have the Bot public and most people don’t want their bot public. And then you get the bots that are just there to spam the Discord Bots forums, the bots do absolutely nothing, or if they do something, it’s very badly put together. There was a discord bot out there that if you invite it to your server, you give it permission to access everything, it changes all of your server channel names to Bhen Ke Laude (Indian swear) and changes all of the users names in that server to Chutiya (once again, another Indian swear) and disables the admin from accessing the server, before the bot kicks itself from your server, leaving your server stranded with no settings. At the time of writing this, the bot has been banned from the Discord Bots API.


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