Telstra Outage AGAIN!

Telstra, Australia’s biggest phone monopoly is down again today.

Some people cannot access voice services, data services or both due to this huge outage. Telstra has yet to confirm what is going on, but news outlets are lapping it up like it’s a ice cream on a hot day.


Gizmodo reporting with

Telstra’s Having Another Outage

and Telstra palming off customers and telling them that

We don’t know what’s caused this, so shut up and just enjoy our broken network.

Tweets from disgruntled customers are coming in left right and centre from Twitter and Facebook and from all of the CBD’s in Australia.

Same thing here. No coverage in Adelaide CBD. Outage page is out. Welcome to Monday.

— Pete Adams (@AusLoco) May 21, 2018

@Telstra #4G outage again?? No service on my phone in Sydney metro.

— jlinkt (@jlinkt) May 21, 2018

@Telstra is there a mobile outage in burwood, Vic? Tried to use your site but it’s as reliable as your mobile reception.

— Shane Morris (@kojamoz) May 21, 2018

Adding to the @Telstra outage commentary. 4G iPhone X in SOS mode in outer east, Melbourne. No calls and no data. I noticed it at 1030 am.

— Casey Phoenix (@caseyphoenix) May 21, 2018

Myself, noticing my Pixel 2 XL (#notsponsored) not having the “4G” badge on the signal indicator, I thought something was wrong, nothing was loading.

Telstra has issued a public response to the outages on Twitter , advising all customers to go to their outages page, which people have also been having issues accessing.

@Telstra Random drop outs to 3G only connections. Tried to enter my Suburb to the outage page with no success either – Error 🙁

— stumpagness (@stumpagness) May 21, 2018

Even the Queensland Police are advising people to use a landline phone instead of mobile as the outage can affect emergency calls with or without a SIM.

Outages across the Telstra 3G & 4G network may impact people trying to call Triple Zero (000) or the Police Assistance Line (131 444). Until resolved, if you need assistance use a phone with another carrier or a landline. Only call Triple Zero (000) if you have an emergency.

— NSW Police (@nswpolice) May 21, 2018


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