Red Alert for Net Neutrality

You may have noticed a little “red alert” for Net Neutrality in the corner of your screen.

This is our way of saying that if you don’t support net neutrality, your internet could be slowed down, or it could be price tiered, censored and throttled depending on what content you view.

Red Alert for Net Neutrality.

Here at TechPress, we believe that the internet should be free, not limited to slow lanes, fast lanes and special lanes for unmetered content from your ISP or cellular provider, if you’re in the United States, click the take action¬†now button on the screen and tell Congress that you want Net Neutrality to stay.

The internet should be open, not limited or metered.

Please save the internet. Or content like this will be filtered, moderated by the government and can be blocked by your ISP because they don’t like it. Do it now!

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