How I managed to shut down a fake tech support company

Well, if you’re here, you may have watched Jim Browning’s video on how scammers launder money.

If you haven’t watched this video, I suggest you watch it now. Tell Jim, TechPress owner Aaron (TGWM) sent ya.

After watching the video, I decided to give the website a visit. And well, the website was up and running. Scammers were still scamming their victims and obtaining payment through PayPal. After all, these scammers don’t know what kind of trouble they’re in with PayPal. So, I contacted PayPal first thing, told them whats going on.

And the first person I spoke to was a rude employee who was not any help. I provided the scammer companies name and told the person what the scammers were doing. They said that they’ll

Look into it


Try to close these scammers accounts

So, I told this PayPal employee my name and what I am doing, they said that they’ll

Pass it on to the fraud team.

A few days go by, and Ravden’s website (scammers apparent “safe-haven”) starts doing something weird. First off, the page goes blank on when you try to load the site, a couple of minutes later…. you get this message from the site:


Did we hit a nerve? It looks like they’re stopping scamming for once.

A couple of days later, the site comes back up… good as new. Complete with PayPal links (that no longer work) and fake testimonials with “Shane” (rings a bell right?)

(A picture would have gone here if my snipping tool app did not crash)

So, I used Domain White Pages to find their host. And who’s hosting Ravden’s website?

Thats right. Ravden’s website is being hosted by GoDaddy.


So I got in contact with GoDaddy about Ravden’s website, to try to shut them down, the GoDaddy staff are quite helpful and actually take the time to understand the problem.

When I was on the phone with them, they told me to

Go to and file a report there, we will investigate this matter as quickly as possible.

So I did. Filed a report with GoDaddy and sent it off to them

A few days later, Ravden’s website was back to its funky tricks. Loading with a blank page, or sometimes not loading at all. A couple of hours later, UptimeRobot reported back to me about the domain being back up. So I decided to check it out.

Ravden’s website was back up and running, complete with webpage and everything. I got in contact with GoDaddy again to try to get them shut down. Using the report abuse tool, I selected “abuse of services” and gave GoDaddy the YouTube link to Jim Browning’s YouTube video. A couple of hours later, the page went down again… this time for 3 days. Then, suddenly, much like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the website started working again, full blast, and all the Ravden scammers were out to get ya.

GoDaddy stepped in at the last-minute when the website came back up by banning IP addresses from accessing Ravden’s website. Next up to contact was PayPal, after being on hold for about 20 or so minutes, I managed to talk to a nicer Irish sounding bloke, I told him whats going on and he said that PayPal is still looking into it. A couple of days later, the PayPal Account they were using, has been closed and banned after using Jim Browning’s YouTube video.

So, what have we learned?

  1. Taking down a scammer’s website is easy as contacting the host and using videos as proof.
  2. Contacting big companies, such as GoDaddy and PayPal is scary, but you can get justice by telling them whats wrong. By nagging them, it will speed up the process.
  3. If a scammer from a company called “Ravden” contact you claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, just hang up. Don’t give them any attention.

These tech support scammers need to be brought into the Limelight, they can’t just keep scamming innocent victims out of their time and money. Bring awareness to older people by telling that if someone calls from “Microsoft Tech Support”, DO NOT ANSWER. It’s most likely a scam. Tech Support scams won’t stop without your help. Create a banner, create a ruckus on Twitter, make a stink on Facebook, share this blog post on your social media to bring awareness of tech support scams to older people, put Jim Browning’s YouTube video on someone’s Facebook wall, do ANYTHING. 2018 is a year of change, will you make this change happen? or are you one of those low lives that believe that scamming is a good practice. Scammers aren’t people, they’re asslicking, dick sucking, buttfucking peices of scum that need to be shamed and imprisoned.


Thats all from me, thanks for reading.

(P.S. Let Jim know that I linked his video in my blog post)



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