Bully Hunters… a waste of streaming bandwidth…

You may have seen all over the news about these “bully hunters” and about their action to try to prevent bullying against women, when in fact women aren’t just the ones being attacked by online trolls and bullies. Men and even children, no matter what race or gender are being attacked by online bullies and trolls.

These people are called the “Bully Hunters” and they seriously failed with their live stream. Everything was staged, including the advertisement, which instead of letting the people who run Bully Hunters, they decided to outsource the advertisement to a 3rd party ad company, as seen in this image

Source: https://g33kp0rn.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/danzxixwsaa_6ng.jpg

The funny thing I found was that the host of the “Bully Hunters” has been in trouble herself in the past with racial slurs and general abuse towards men as found in Izzy Nobre’s YouTube Video.

More info to come.


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