Welp… we got slammed with a copyright infringement notice.

Today, was a bad day.

I come home to find that Village Roadshow has got in contact with my family about piracy. To be honest, im not actually surprised as my sister loves to watch pirated movies on Putlocker, which is an illegal website.

I tried to tell her about how much danger it could put the network in, but does that little shit listen? NO. NO she doesn’t.

Well, Village Roadshow managed to catch up with us, sending us a warning via letter.

Village Roadshow copyright notice. Name and ISP hidden for privacy

People are saying its fake. people are saying its real.

I don’t know what to believe, but it looks legit to me.

When it comes to Internet Security, I care about my network and I don’t want people like my sister to fuck it up with malware. One of these days, I will slice her head off.


I want my network to be secure, not broken or filled with malware. Unlike a place I know.


Thats all for me,

Thanks for reading.

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